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Dear Alice is an Interior Design podcast brought to you by Jessica Bennett and Suzanne Hall, the spunky geniuses behind Alice Lane Interior Design. These two ladies break down the highest end of the design and interior fashion world through their beautiful lifestyle approach with a heaping dose of wit and taste.

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7 days ago

We’ve had listeners during our giveaway talk about their favorite episodes and most were saying they loved our listener question episodes where we answer the various questions you guys have sent in to us, so today we’re giving you another listener question episode. Tune in today to hear the various inquiries we answer that we’ve recently received. 
Suz, what are your favorite resources to source original art? 9:00
Best home items to add or not add to your wedding registry 13:10
Formula for throw pillows on a bed 20:50
Old home with closed up fireplace in a kid’s bedroom 29:40
Favorite fabrics on indoor sofas with pets 31:15
Renovating a Dutch colonial 34:45
Upcycling an old item into a new design 37:45
In-person, live Dear Alice event 44:00
“My number one tip to people is just to look for galleries around you, look for art shows around you, look for boutiques around you. Try and find the artist. If you fall in love with art, DM them. Talk to them. Find out the story because that’s what makes art so fantastic is the story behind it. You relate to it with your own story.” 9:39
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Thursday Sep 21, 2023

We see a lot of homes in all the work we do and in some of the remodels there are some things that you’re just inheriting. When you purchase a home like this, you have to get really good at planning because it’s not inexpensive to redo the various things you want changed, but there’s a lot of architecture and a lot of things you wouldn’t do today, but they did yesterday. So now it’s your turn to make it right and we think the majority of people are likely in this position who are listening to our podcast right now, so listen in as we give our opinions and expertise on what you should do when you inherit architecture. 
Inheriting architecture 9:10
Custom built-ins with little budget 11:05
Older homes and what’s so great about them 20:45
Analyze the way that you live 22:00
A mid-century jewel and pulling fashion in 31:15
Sometimes you will need to start over 34:10
Celebrate the good 38:05
Making existing architecture yours 41:15
“What do you do when you have custom built-ins in the home you purchased and you don’t have the budget to rip it out and rebuild it? How to repurpose, optimize, camouflage, style, paint? Here’s my dilemma, a built in structure between two pillars that separate the kitchen and family room.” 11:16
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Friday Sep 15, 2023

Thursday Sep 14, 2023

We have a fun episode today, which is about finding something and saying if we would keep it or toss it. It might be polarizing and we as your hosts might feel opposite or the same about certain things, but that’s what will help make it fun. Join us as we talk about various items that should be kept or tossed, such as travertine, china hutch, or grasscloth wallpaper. 
Antique chest from grandma 11:40
China hutch 14:35
Travertine 20:00
Grasscloth/wallpaper 22:00
Fiddle leaf figs 26:15
Murals and tufted headboards 29:05
Floating TV 30:05
Wood and stain grade base 31:00
Skinny jeans and leggings 32:20
Bullnose countertops 37:35
Granite 38:00
Hair extensions 41:15
Crocs and birkenstocks 43:45
French tipped nails 46:20
“I think [travertine] is beautiful in spaces. I do think a modern beach house with travertine, just things that feel really earthy and water could run over them, is so pretty. For myself, I’m not gonna buy any travertine, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s beautiful for myself or another client. If it was in somebody’s home right now, would I have them rip it out? I think it would depend on the style and the tone we’re gonna move into.”  20:45
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Friday Sep 08, 2023

Thursday Sep 07, 2023

We have our very own Brad Mee on the podcast today, who is our editor and chief of Utah Style and Design magazine and is also the lifestyle editor of Salt Lake Magazine and of Boca Raton Magazine all the way in Florida. Brad gives us a nice snapshot of what editors are looking for today and helps us know the right way to get things ready to shoot so it can be in line with what a magazine would be looking for, and then he also gives us a little etiquette on how we should post and proceed. 
How to know your project is good 7:55
How to submit 12:05
Submitting a project outside of Utah 15:35
Posting etiquette 16:35
Presenting an extraordinary home 22:00
What Brad’s looking for 24:30
The marketplace and where it’s going right now 31:10
What makes a great cover 38:00
Celebrating the win 50:50
How Brad gets inspired 53:30
“[An echo chamber design] is something that you’ll find on Pinterest and Instagram, and then you’ll just keep seeing it and keep seeing it, and it feeds the design. I don’t wanna call out a design genre, but I will: Farmhouse. The white and the black windows, and the straw basket, and the whole thing, there is great farmhouse design, but the kind we wanna see is a real farmhouse.” 30:35
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Thursday Aug 31, 2023

One of the biggest questions we always get before we start any project is ‘What is always in and never out?’ We wanted to record a podcast sort of talking about those things, whether you’re living in a historical home, an older home, a 20-30 year old home, or a brand new build. What are some of the classic principles we are gonna talk about today that you aren’t going to regret in the future? That’s the ultimate question we wanted to dive into today and answer for you guys. 
Buying a home that has existed before 6:40
Thinking about the timelessness of Ralph Lauren 9:15
Painting an old antique piece 21:30
Real materials have staying power 27:10
The white kitchen 28:00
Windows 31:00
Anything that has meaning 33:35
Scale 40:45
Beautiful finish work 44:00
Mohair 45:00
“I think the one thing that we obsess over is scale. We always want to make sure to keep that Ralph Lauren Bee buzzing around in our head while we’re making stuff, and that small never equals greatness generally. Usually if you scale something really well, it’s gonna look generous, it’s gonna be gorgeous, it’s gonna feel estate quality.” “It’s gonna make a small space feel grander.” 12:18
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