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Dear Alice is an Interior Design podcast brought to you by Jessica Bennett and Suzanne Hall, the spunky geniuses behind Alice Lane Interior Design. These two ladies break down the highest end of the design and interior fashion world through their beautiful lifestyle approach with a heaping dose of wit and taste.

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3 days ago

You guys really wanted to know about the boldest spaces we’ve done, so this week we’re doing a deep dive on those spaces and how we got there. We sometimes talk about a project where we learned this or that on, but we got to go back through the Alice Lane books and really examine some of our greatest projects and if you visit our YouTube channel “Alice Lane Home Collection”, you’ll get to see some of the beautiful images we have for those projects. 
Intro 0:00
To The Trade program 2:20
A 5 year long project, 30,000 square feet 9:30
A remodel we’ve worked on recently, 40,000 sq feet 19:00
A current Dallas project 31:10
The kitchen 39:00
A geometric  46:30
“Here’s 40,000 square feet of home, there’s sitting areas everywhere and everybody just can’t wait to show you the chandelier room at the end of this house, and you go in there and you’re like ‘Oh here, have a seat, sit down, and experience it.’ and he pictured like 4 or 5 breakout conversations going on and just like kind of a hum of people talking, and it happens. You gravitate towards these awesome spaces and that’s where you wanna stand and be. That’s where you want to experience your conversations.” 21:48
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Friday May 17, 2024

Thursday May 16, 2024

It's an instant party. It tells you what the room can be. There's no other way to say it: the chair is the hero in every space. So, now that you know how we really feel...let's talk chairs! In this week's episode of Dear Alice, we break down our favorite features of a really good chair (hint: it has to move!). Join Jess, Suzanne and Cori as we help you shop for the kind of chair that offers instant style points.
Intro 0:00
Deciding what is coming home with you 1:10
Understanding this very critical furniture piece 9:30
The occasional chair 10:30
4 features of a chair you should buy 14:15
Back height and arm placement 23:15
The swivel chair 29:00
“You can kind of tailor all these different conversations because you do have a swivel. I can face the fireplace and talk to a friend, or I can look at the view, or I can go look at the game. You can be in charge of what you’re looking at and I think it’s just soothing. The older you get, the more you wanna move, or you’re probably just used to not sitting still, so it just gives you the ability to not sit still while still moving.” 29:23
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Friday May 10, 2024

Thursday May 09, 2024

This week we are super excited to share with you our podcast we did with Annie Meyers-Shyer, who is a force of her own. She is in the middle of a remodel originally built from a well known architect, Gerard Colcord, and it’s a 1940’s Pennsylvania Dutch style home. She’s in California and following her journey has been such a fun pastime. Annie is not a self-proclaimed interior designer, but she’s really treating this project like she is and it’s fun to watch and see her audience get involved as she takes this remodel step by step in the one million decisions that you have to make when doing a remodel. Join us today for this exciting conversation!
Annie’s Mother’s Day question 8:50
Developing her style 12:45
Living in a home with little boys 23:00
Growing up in Hollywood on sets 26:10
Starting the Instagram account and describing her style 31:30
What decisions have really excited her 38:45
“My goal with our home is that it feels like us, like a young family who lives there. There aren’t gonna be formal rooms, I hope all of our rooms are used. We are definitely a family who loves comfortable things, so deep sofas and cozy rooms, and my kids' rooms are going to be colorful because they’re colorful, and the rest of the house less colorful. I love sort of a calm palette. I’m very into the color yellow, there’s a lot of yellow in this house–very happy.” 32:35
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Thursday May 02, 2024

This week we’re doing a fun episode because this is that time of the year when many of us are craving that desire to refresh our living spaces and make things feel like a blank slate. We’re trying to figure out what we need to do to give our home some rebirth without burning it down and rebuilding a new house. Cori suggests a great idea, which is bringing out your collections and putting them on display to give your space a fresh touch while also putting that collection of yours to good use.
Intro 0:00
A fun design challenge 4:45
Bringing out your collections to display 11:20
A new rug/runner 13:20
Do some painting 14:50
Art 19:00
Update the first thing your eye sees 21:40
“Update the first thing your eye sees when you walk in a room. I think that is your first impression, and so I feel like you’re gonna get a lot of credit for it because if you can walk in and see something different, that’s gonna do the most work for you if you’re not in the mood to rearrange your entire house.” 21:40
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Thursday Apr 25, 2024

On today’s episode we’re gonna take the intimidation out of a fun spring task and help you create front porch planters that wow. We have a very special guest on the show, Becky Nyman, who is Sue’s go-to person whenever she has any questions on gardening and plants. She’s a master gardener who has owned her own businesses and has been in the space for over 30 years. This time of year you see a lot of women dragging their pots into the nursery or garden shop to help them get their porch planters potted. Becky is gonna teach us how to make these decorative planters porch worthy. 
Intro 0:00
Meet Becky 2:20
Picking your pot 5:55
How deep the soil should be 13:00
Paying attention to the standup tags 19:10
Do what is pleasing to the eye 26:00
Different combinations 30:00
Favorite spiller 35:30
“Picking your pot is probably the most important thing that you want to do. You want to pick a pot that has drainage in it. Water can kills your plants faster than anything, and a lot of people don’t realize that. Overwatering kills plants faster than letting them dry out.” 5:56
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